Recovery from loss

Recovery from loss and grief is possible if you are honest about yourself and your relationship to your loss and you take action!  So first you have to gain awareness of yourself.  The Grief Recovery Method helps you to do that.


By looking at your loss and the relationship you have to it. All loss, even those that are expected, leaves some undelivered emotional communications. Things that you wish you had said, or could have said or done differently, better or more. These are then delivered and the relationship completed.

It does not mean that the memories are forgotten. It just means that they are not causing you pain and holding you back any longer. You can begin to move forward.


Change is inevitable. Along with any loss is the change and loss of all the hopes, dreams and expectations for the future that you had within that relationship. There is naturally fear and sadness attached to this and some ongoing help and support for you might be necessary, which I can offer.

The Method

Recovery starts with discovery around any unfinished emotional business connected to the loss based on a loss history graph, a loss relationship graph and a completion letter.