Grief Recovery

What is grief?

Grief is defined as 'the conflicting emotions that follow an ending or change in familiar patterns of behaviour'. It is unique to each individual and relates directly to all human relationships. It cannot be compared and it is a crisis. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Therefore, the feelings that you have are also normal and natural.

The problem is that it is probably the most neglected and misunderstood experience by both grievers and those around them. The cause of the loss itself is intellectual, but the reaction to it is emotional. You can't fix an emotion with a rational argument, but sadly most of what we learn from society about handling grief, is intellectual.

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Is grief just about the death of a person?

No. You can suffer from grief after any of the 40+ types of loss. These range from death of a person, a divorce, a relationship breakup, miscarriage, loss of a pet, a job or any future hope, dream or expectation.

How do I know that I am grieving?

If you have recently or not so recently lost someone and are finding that you feel stuck, isolated, are in pain, can't concentrate and are unable to move forward with life, then you are probably suffering with grief.


Change is inevitable. Along with any loss is the change and loss of all the hopes, dreams and expectations for the future that you had within that relationship. There is naturally fear and sadness attached to this and some ongoing help and support for you might be necessary, which I can offer.

It does not mean that the memories are forgotten. It just means that they are not causing you pain and holding you back any longer. You can begin to move forward

The Method

Recovery starts with discovery around any unfinished emotional business connected to the loss based on a loss history graph, a loss relationship graph and a completion letter.


At the top of this page, you can download a FREE E-copy of The Guide to Loss Book – 61 tips to help you with your grief.

You can also order copies of the Grief Recovery Method Handbook, The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss, Moving On – Dump Your Relationship Baggage And Make Room For The Love Of Your Life and Moving Beyond Loss. All books are written by Russell Friedman and John W James.

Courses for individuals or groups

I run courses for small groups which last for 8 weeks of one 2 x hour session a week.

Courses for individuals on a one-to-one basis are for 7 weeks of one 2 x hour session a week.

Individuals – £40 per hour
Groups –        £250 per person

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