funeral-director-1823425_1280Many people don’t realise that there are choices around what type of funeral services are available. Most are offered a religious service with a church minister- burial or cremation? If you are not religious, or only have some religious beliefs then a CELEBRANT led service is for you. This is more personal and meaningful than a traditional church service.

I offer an open and creative space for families to plan a personalised service/ ceremony that provides an opportunity to express grief, to say goodbye and to give thanks and to celebrate the uniqueness of the life that has ended.

For me it is a privilege to be able to help people to do their best at a time when they are very often least able to do so.

A civil funeral is led by the wishes, beliefs and values of the person who has died and their family. Each service/ ceremony is individually written by myself and is often uplifting and positive – a celebration of the life departed. You can choose some or all of the readings, poetry and music. Friends and family can deliver some of these if they feel able to. As a celebrant, I will write a tribute or eulogy for delivery at the service, be with you and conduct the funeral service on the day.

Services at crematoriums are the most popular way to say your final farewell but are often quite time restricted. Ceremonies can be held anywhere which allow for as much time to be taken as is needed. This is followed by a short committal service at a crematorium or burial site.

stone-grave-1271075_640Green or Natural Burials

These are becoming more popular as people are becoming more aware of the environment and nature whilst space in cemeteries runs out.

You can be buried in a natural woodland in a bio-degradable coffin or just in a shroud. The service/ceremony can be partially religious or non-religious and can take as long as you like and is led by the wishes, beliefs and values of the person who has died and their family. Ashes can also be buried in a natural woodland burial site.

I will work with you to write and deliver the service/ceremony that you wish for.

Direct Cremation

This is where the body is taken directly to the crematorium and cremated at a time of their choosing but still with the same reverence and dignity. There is no procession, no hearse and no service/ ceremony. This is also a less expensive option than a funeral organised by a Funeral Director. You can engage my services to write and deliver a service/ceremony of your choice for you.

A memorial service can then be held by the family at a time and place of their choosing when they feel that the moment is right, or no service at all. This option also gives the family more time to decide what sort of service/ ceremony they want and to plan it so that they can do the ‘very best’ for ‘one last time’. You may want to wait for the ashes to be released to you and then plan your service/ ceremony around them. As always, as a celebrant I will create and deliver the service for you.

stretcher-80448_1280DIY Funerals

It is possible to hold a funeral service yourselves. There are some Funeral Directors who will provide ‘stand-alone’ services such as collection and refrigeration. All the other requirements and preparations for a funeral can be carried out by the family. Coffins can be purchased off the Internet and any suitably sized car or vehicle can take the coffin to the Crematorium or burial site. This option will cost less than a funeral organised by a Funeral Director.

mourning-214439_1280Memorial Services

A memorial service is held sometime after the funeral and is commonly for people who were eminent in their field. They are also held when a family just wants a very small private funeral but has a much wider circle of friends and colleagues who wish to attend. On rare occasions, they may also be held where there is no body. I will give to you the same level of service for a memorial as I would for a funeral even though there is usually more time involved as there are more readings, words and music to incorporate.

notebook-1635145_640Funeral Wishes

Some people find it comforting to know that their wishes are known by any family that are left behind after their death. This ensures that not only do they get the funeral they themselves want but that their families don’t have further distress about whether they make the right choices.

I can help you to make a list so that your wishes are known, or even write the entire service with you which can then be held by your family until it is needed.


How do I work with you?

In all these ceremonies, I will: –

  • Liaise with your funeral director.
  • Visit you in your home to discuss your service/ ceremony wishes and learn about the life, and to gain an essence of the person who has died.
  • Help you to choose music, readings and poetry.
  • Write a eulogy for the person who has died and deliver it at the funeral.
  • I will write suitable words and compose and deliver a heartfelt, personal service/ceremony.
  • Afterwards I will deliver to you a Presentation Script of the complete ceremony.
  • Help you with any scattering or interment of ashes.
  • Help you with any digital legacy, i.e. what to do with social media accounts, photos, videos etc.
  • As a qualified Grief Recovery Specialist, I can also help you with your grief and mourning.


If you use a Funeral Director, then my fees are included in theirs.

If you engage me independently my fees are the same i.e. £190

Memorial Services £190

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