Books – Not A Quick Fix But a Good Place to Start

These books on grief and different losses show how the method for recovery is the same although the types of loss are set in different contexts.

The Grief Recovery Handbook by Founders John W. James and Russell Friedman accompanies the courses and is FREE to those who participate.

The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman

This classic guide which has helped many people move beyond loss and towards recovery has been expanded in this special 20th anniversary edition.

The new material includes guidelines for choosing which loss to work on first and specific instruction for dealing with loss of health, career, financial issues, faith, and growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional  home.

When Children Grieve by John W. James and Russell Friedman

To watch a child grieve and not know what to do is a profoundly difficult experience for parents, teachers, and caregivers. Yet, there are guidelines for helping children develop a lifelong healthy response to loss.

In When Children Grieve, the authors offer a cutting-edge volume to free children from the false idea of “not feeling bad” and to empower them with positive, effective methods of dealing with loss.

There are many life experiences that can produce feelings of grief in a child, from the death of a relative or a divorce in the family to more everyday experiences such as moving to a new neighborhood or losing a prized possession. No matter the reason or degree of severity, if a child you love is grieving, the guidelines examined in this thoughtful book can make a difference.

The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss

Russell Friedman, Cole James, and John W. James

If you’ve found yourself almost inconsolable after your pet died, please know that you’re normal.

If you’ve found that your family and friends don’t seem to understand the level of your grief, please know that, too, is normal.

Without comparing our relationships with our pets to those with people, we know that, because of the unique emotional relationships we have with our pets, their deaths produce a level of pain that is difficult to describe. Your relationship with your pet is special—it’s a bond that is very different than those that human beings share with each other. When a beloved pet passes away, people often resort to incorrect mechanisms to deal with the grief, such as trying to move too quickly past the loss (dismissing the real impact), or even attempting to replace the pet immediately.

If you relate to any or all of these sentences, this book is for you.

Moving On – Dump Your Relationship Baggage and Make Room for the Love of Your Life

Russell Friedman and John W. James

In this groundbreaking book, Russell Friedman and John W. James show readers how to move on from unsuccessful past relationships and finally find the loves of their lives. Demonstrating revolutionary ideas that have worked for thousands of their clients at the Grief Recovery Institute, Friedman and James give readers the strategies they need to effectively mourn the loss of their relationships, while opening themselves up to love in the future. With compassionate guidance, Friedman and James help readers to close a chapter of their romantic pasts so they can begin again.

Moving Beyond Loss by Russell Friedman and John W. James

In October 2010 the authors became exclusive providers of grief and grief-recovery-related content on a memorial website called, a site that receives approximately three million unique hits per month, and to which readers submit very personal and unique grief-related questions. Collected in this book are not only a bounty of personal and often moving questions but also the authors’ equally compelling responses and tips for using the Grief Recovery Method to deal with broken hearts. The book not only deals with grief from loss of a loved one, but also the grieving that occurs following a divorce, a sudden downturn in health, the loss of a job, and even the loss of faith.

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FREE  Guide to Loss E-Book

John W. James and Russell Friedman
The Grief Recovery Method Guide for Loss: 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it. This guide will give you lots of information about grief and how we can help.