Father’s Day Without a Father

What can be a happy day of family celebration for some can be a day of sadness or feeling ‘left out’, or of ‘not belonging’, to others. There are many reasons why you may not be celebrating Father’s Day this year. Your father may have died, you may have a difficult relationship with him, he may have disappeared. You may be a Mum whose husband has died and your children can’t celebrate the day, you may be a Father yourself and your child may have died or you may not be a father but desperately want to be one. Whatever the reason Sunday could be a difficult day of sadness and painful memories for you.

At the Grief Recovery Method grief is defined as ‘reaching out for someone who has always been there only to find out that when we need them one more time, they are not there’.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, it could also be an opportunity to remember and honour a life that has passed in the physical sense. A chance to get families together and to recall fond times and memories.

Grief of a lost Dad for whatever reason may be still be held within you or unresolved and causing pain and sadness. If this is so I hope that you can find a way to negotiate the path through this coming Father’s Day. As a Grief Recovery specialist I can help you to move through your grief on a long term basis and to feel better about the next Father’s Day.

For friends and family witnessing a not so happy Father’s Day, listen to your grievers without criticism, judgement or analysis. A ‘heart with ears’. May your day be what you make it.

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