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Grief Recovery

We all feel sadness and grief with any emotional loss. It can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, you may feel stuck or isolated or that you will never be able to be happy again.

Through understanding what grief is and how it shows itself in your feelings and behaviours you can begin to know that it is normal and natural.

Bereavement is probably the first type of loss that you think of, but there are many other losses that give rise to grief.


A Celebrant led funeral service is for those people who are not particularly religious and do not want a traditional church service.

I conduct all types of funerals including cremations, natural burials, graveside burials and ‘alternative’ funerals.


If you would like advice on a home or DIY funeral service then I can provide a script for you or help you with a general outline for you to work with yourself.


Many parents these days feel that a traditional christening in church is not appropriate for them, but they still want to acknowledge the arrival of a new baby with a NAMING CEREMONY.

The content of your ceremony is your choice.

Other naming ceremonies offered are to mark changes of name through deed poll, adoption, new family status or any other new beginnings.

Other Ceremonies

Every major life-changing or life affirming event is associated with ceremony. Such events might be a renewal of wedding vows, a commitment ceremony for same- sex couples or friendships or even divorce. House warming and leaving ceremonies can be made more meaningful with a celebrant led ceremony.

There are also many other types of event that warrant a ceremony of personal significance.